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Owning a business in the digital era

In today’s world, having a website that advertises your business and delivers a consistent customer experience is not a choice — it is a necessity for the survival and evolution of your business. By attracting visitors to your website, you build value, promote your brand, and bring in sales.

Hiring a professional web design team and the best digital marketing agency, for your online presence, can have an enormous impact on the success and growth of large and small businesses, regardless of industry. In a huge pool of almost 2 billion websites online, only one of them is yours, and you have to make a difference! 

As a web development company, IceWeb will identify your business needs and optimize the visibility, and SEO rankings of your website, employing the latest web development techniques, top web design services, and insightful content management, to meet your digital marketing goals.

Web design should be focused on bringing your business to the next level. Our competitive digital marketing strategy and top website design will deliver your message to the right audience who is interested in your products or services. Our professional web designers possess the expertise and talent to create outstanding website designs, using the right combination of aesthetics, fonts, colors, and video, setting us apart from other website design agencies and SEO companies.

Critical aspects that can increase website traffic, include the color scheme, site map, and links to your social media accounts. The goal of the marketing strategies employed should be to turn website visitors into customers. As a professional web design firm and full-service digital agency, you can trust IceWeb to deliver optimal web design solutions and effective digital marketing services.

What is Web Design?

Web design involves the look of a website, such as the color, fonts, layout, images, video, graphic design, and animations. Designers utilize all these web design elements to guide website visitors on a preferred path.

Your website is an essential part of your web presence and it is very important that your company makes a good first impression on prospective clients. With a single glance, visitors will get a firm grasp of who you are. While content and navigation are crucial, the look of your website is what captures the attention within milliseconds. For better or worse, we all judge a book by its cover — and the same is true for websites.

An impressive web design not only attracts visitors but also keeps visitors on the website long enough to turn them into customers. A weak web design will be ignored and visitors will readily move to another site. After all, there are so many other competing websites available that they are almost spoilt for choice.

Keeping this in mind, what are some of the major factors to consider for strong web design? Here’s our ABC of web design.

  • A. Correct Color Scheme

    Whatever genre your business represents, the color scheme you choose for your website should be a perfect match. For example, if you are a wedding website in Miami, dark, bold colors are probably not the best website design choice. Instead, soft and inviting colors are what you will usually see on a well-designed website.

    On the other hand, if you are a law firm, pinks, yellows, and lilacs are probably out of the question.

    An experienced web designer will find the color scheme that matches your industry and brand. The fact that you are a wedding planner doesn’t mean you are limited to pink and ecru for your website. We adjust the color palette according to your target audience and branding strategy.

  • B. Site map

    Have you spent too much time trying to find the information you want on a website? If it takes too long to understand the navigation and find what you are looking for, your website is poorly organized. Visitors will get frustrated and move on to another competitor.

    Visitors must be able to navigate your site intuitively and with ease. For optimal user experience, you need a clean menu and a site map. A properly designed website will have a user-friendly approach providing visitors with a user interface that is easy to navigate and click around, on both mobile and desktop.

    Visible buttons and clear navigation are very important. People are used to specific organizational setups. For example, they want to have a privacy policy and terms of trade at the bottom of the site. If we put that information somewhere else, the average user will be put off.

    IceWeb has the expertise in finding the delicate balance between creating an interesting website and keeping the layouts that visitors expect.

  • C. Links to your social media sites

    In the 21st century, more than 4 billion people are on social media. Facebook is the most used social media platform with 2.9 billion active users, followed by YouTube, What’s App, and Instagram.

    Having social media is no longer an option for your business: it’s a prerequisite.

    A truly competent web design company like IceWeb will work with you to match the social media that fit your niche and your audience. We know the demographics of each platform. Once we have established which audience your brand is aiming at, we can pair it with the right social media.

    IceWeb specializes in insightful web design. We work with you to develop compelling visuals along with a user-friendly experience and ensure that your site looks good on all mobile and desktop devices.

    59% of Internet users use their smartphone to browse the web, instead of their desktops. Google prioritizes mobile-first web design because it knows where your visitors are coming from. It’s unimaginable to ignore such a huge segment of the population.

What is Internet Marketing?

Whether you are leveraging social media marketing, content marketing, or using Google Ads, internet marketing can help you grow your business by developing strong connections with your customers. The targeting capabilities of internet marketing substantially increase the odds that prospective customers visit your website or see your ad, and your brand arrives at their digital doorstep.

Once there, you have one chance of persuading your visitors to purchase from you. If your web presence is stunning and your marketing campaigns are targeted, you will be successful. If you don’t impress your audience, they will walk away and never remember you. That’s where an experienced web design agency can work its magic.

So what are some of the major factors of an effective internet marketing campaign? Here’s our ABC.

  • A. Understanding your target audience

    Let’s say you’re a fitness gym for women. Who is your target audience? It would be women living in Miami, Florida, and all neighboring areas. These women have an interest in health and fitness and enjoy working out at a gym, especially one that caters to women.

    Let’s drill down even further. Your gym happily welcomes women of all body types. Therefore, your target audience will include women of all body types—not just women who are already in shape or only women who are not in shape.

    Now let’s talk demographics. You have young Generation Z women who know about healthy living and the value of exercise. You have older women who want to stay in shape but might have less time to spend at the gym because of family and work commitments. You also have senior women who enjoy leisurely exercise to help with joint support.

    Once you have found your audience, you must segment it. An audience segment will respond differently to your marketing efforts than a different segment. Generation Z women will probably not understand what ‘joint support’ means, while women in their 40s and 50s will not have time to go to the gym at 10 am.

  • B. Do you have a call to action?

    You have successfully attracted visitors to your brand, but then what? You don’t want them clicking on your site and then clicking away without at least getting further information.

    A call-to-action is a way to bring a visitor to the next step. For example, let’s continue with our gym for women example. An effective way to gain clients without a hassle for them is to have a “join now” button. Once visitors click the button, they can join the gym online by paying a fee and becoming a member immediately.

    A call-to-action button helps you make the most of your visitors. You are not wasting any opportunities to turn visitors into customers.

  • C. Do you have testimonials from happy customers?

    One of the most effective ways to showcase your business is by including testimonials on your website from happy customers. Remember how you check reviews before you book a holiday hotel? Or reviews for a new restaurant that opened up around the corner?

    Returning to the women’s gym in Miami example, if you include various positive testimonials from existing gym members about how much they love the gym, it goes a long way toward selling your service to new people.

    Here at IceWeb, we are experts in Internet marketing. We look at your brand and craft the most effective way to market your product or service online. Whether your goal is to bring online customers into your physical store or whether your goal is e-commerce, we can take care of it.

What is SEO?

The last aspect of great web design is SEO friendliness. Search engine optimization, or SEO, for short, is the process of attaining a high rank on a search engine for your brand, with a focus on Google. Your goal is to bring in the most visitors to your site. SEO includes white-hat techniques that give your website the attention it deserves.

What are some of the primary factors for effective SEO? Here is our ABCD.

  • A. Including strong keywords and keyword phrases

    You have a brand, and there are keywords and keyword phrases specific to that brand.

    Going back to our women’s gym in Miami example, a strong keyword phrase could be “women’s gym Buena Vista Miami Florida.” The keyword phrase, which is a set of words that describe your brand, means that you are offering a women’s gym in Miami in the Buena Vista neighborhood.

    The key to building keywords and long-tailed keyword lists is to find the ones that best describe your business. There are specialized software tools for professionals that help us determine the right keywords for your brand. Our expertise helps us choose which ones will bring in the audience your aim at and our content experts know how to craft unique content that helps move you to the top results of relevant searches.

  • B. A social media presence

    As described earlier, it is crucial that you not only have a website but that you are present on the top social media sites for your brand. With the women’s gym, you could be on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for example. These are three major social media sites that would work for your brand.

    You can post short promotions on Twitter, videos on Instagram, and useful content in Facebook posts. Your audience segments will not be all social media. Some demographics prefer Facebook, while others are found on Instagram. You should tailor your social media presence to each platform and match it to your audience segment.

  • C. Upload original content

    Google boosts websites with original and interesting content. Sometimes you will hear ‘content is king’. Well, that’s true.

    Your website should include valuable, interesting written content. You shouldn’t duplicate content or use AI tools: Google’s algorithm is smart enough to penalize it.

    In our gym example, your content can include anything from the facilities with photos and videos to useful content such as healthy eating and different types of exercise for specific conditions and ages. The point of your content is to show you know what you are talking about and that you have something valuable to offer your customers. The SEO experts at IceWeb are specialists at finding the right content for your brand. We have a content-writing team that works with the SEO team to craft the best content for you. We can help you with keywords and keyword phrases, exciting content, and eye-catching titles.

    Web design, internet marketing, and SEO are crucial components of an effective website. Our team at IceWeb in the Miami, Florida area, is here to help your business website make the most of its potential.

  • D. Backlinks

    Backlinks are particularly useful but must be used carefully.

    There have been plenty of instances where businesses bought backlinks from other sites. This is often penalized by Google and is considered a form of spamming. You are known (to Google) from the company you keep, so you don’t want backlinks from so-called link farms and websites that rank poorly or your website could end up being severely penalized.

    When you invest in quality over quantity, your efforts pay off. There are plenty of ways to have perfectly legal backlinks to your website. For example, if you are a guest blogger on an industry blog, you can ask them to backlink to your website.

    With valuable content and social interactions in your industry, you can promote your business and utilize backlinks without crossing Google’s guidelines.

    When your content is ranked by itself, it earns your business visibility. Google doesn’t actually reveal its algorithm methodology - and anyway keeps changing it - we have to constantly keep on top of it and keep track of your link quality.

    Link-building strategies require deft management and quality content. Google is fighting link spamming because it decreases the value of its content to its users. In a sense, Google is a giant website so it, too, wants to deliver interesting and to-the-point results to its visitors. Spam and useless links decrease its credibility and hurt its reliability.

    IceWeb plays by the rules. Our trustworthiness rests with our satisfied clients. Our marketing strategy is based on happy clients who increase their revenue through their websites.

    Contact us today for a free consultation. We have the knowledge and experience to create a winning web design for your business. We offer the perfect solution for all your website development and SEO needs. Our services include WordPress web design, ecommerce development, website redesign, and exceptional support and maintenance services. Let us become your web design partner and get you started, on the right path to success!