How IceWeb Started?

IceWeb Started with a single person with big vision, increase business from the online big ocean, the whole idea of the online world is to show and explain detailed how your skills can help other. With many years of self learning (Since 2013) Bar found IceWeb and start to generate leads for small business owners in the services business as they need volume, with the simple methodology that he was be able to rank in any keyword in it was a pleasure to help client grow their business in a significant amount of visitors and happy paying clients.

The main idea of Bar (The CEO) was to generate more traffic and increase more leads to the online presences, with 10 years of experience and thousands of leads and conversions, Today , we use the BEST technologies and  Software (Sometimes we developed) that no one have (That’s what we think).

Generally speaking today we handle tons of skills and experience ranking any website and niche in the internet with all the best to other search engines but Google is taking today 85% of the organic traffic. We know how to engage the client with TOP results in Google and generate more business to our self this way as well.

Thank you for reading,

Bar the CEO & Founder of IceWeb